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Patient Testimonial: Jeanene M.


patient id testimonial Jeanene

My name is Jeanene. For several years I suffered with symptoms of GERD and was trying to get relief. At one point, my reflux had gotten so bad, I lost my voice and could no longer sing in my choir— my passion! My doctor then told me that I was the perfect candidate for a new procedure with the MUSE system that could help, and I said “sign me up!” Since having the procedure, I’ve gotten to once again do the things I love to do — the things that make me “me.”


Despite my long-standing GERD, I had always been very active with my family and in my community– organizing events, living an active life with my children and grandchildren and singing in my community and church choirs. Over the years, my doctor kept increasing my PPI dosage, but my symptoms kept getting worse.

patient testimonial Jeanene

No matter what I was eating or doing, whether I was sitting or standing, something was coming up, yet I didn’t have that heartburn feeling. I was constantly clearing my throat. It had gotten so bad that I started losing my voice, was coughing all the time, and got to the point that I couldn’t even sing anymore. It was devastating.

From sleeping to eating, exercising to singing, I was forced to change my lifestyle considerably. Finally, my doctor told me about a transoral procedure conducted with the MUSE system.

I got my procedure a few weeks later, and could not be happier with my results!


I cannot begin to tell you how much better I’m feeling following my procedure with MUSE. Getting my voice back and being able to sing again has meant everything to me. I owe it to MUSE to once again be to do the things I love.

When you feel good, you can accomplish a lot.

I hope my story helps other people. To anyone who may be suffering from GERD or suspects that they do, I encourage you to talk to your doctor or GI about MUSE.

Don’t wait – take action today!

Disclaimer: Patient experiences will vary, depending on individual factors. Talk to your physician to learn if MUSE™ is right for you. Always consult your physician prior to making any lifestyle changes pre- or post-procedure.

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